Why Travel to Melbourne? 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Melbourne Next!

Trying to work out what to do with your precious vacation time and wondering if you should spend it in Australia?

The short answer is yes!

I know how hard it can be to decide where to go when it seems like there are so many great options out there, and perhaps Melbourne isn’t quite as picturesque as Sydney or Queensland.

However, it is worth it! I’ve lived in other countries, and other states of Australia, and still I am drawn back to this diverse and fascinating city.

But if you still need some convincing, here’s 10 reasons why Melbourne should be your next destination!

10 Reasons To Visit Melbourne Next!

1. The Food

If you like to eat, you are going to love Melbourne!

Known as the food capital of Australia, Melbourne is home to Michelin starred restaurants like fine dining restaurant Attica and plenty of delicious budget-friendly eats too.

Great places to eat in Melbourne include Fitzroy, Prahran, Carlton, and South Yarra.

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2. The Perfect City Year-Round

If you are visiting Sydney or Queensland, when the skies go grey the cities stop. That doesn’t happen in Melbourne.

Melbourne embraces the weather, no matter if it’s rain, wind or sunshine,, and the party and events continues year-round.

We have perfected the art of culturally curious indoor events when the weather cools – like the NGV Friday Nights, where local artists play in our famed museum, complete with dishes served up by the hottest restaurants – or embrace the warm weather with floating bars on the Yarra River.

So if the weather is the reason stopping you visiting, I say give us a try…. but please pack a jacket if you are visiting between March – August!

3. Incredible Day Trips

More than any other city in Australia, Melbourne is the perfect place to base yourself when you are heading out on day-trips.

Whether it’s a trip to sip on local wines and spirits in the Yarra Valley or heading down to the Great Ocean Road; a spa day in Daylesford or digging into history in Ballarat, there are so many things to do around Melbourne once you’ve explored the city.

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4. It’s the Sporting Capital of Australia

Whether you are into F1 or horse racing; want to check out a local AFL game or get amongst the crowds for the cricket, Melbourne is Australia’s sporting capital

Some of the biggest sporting events in Australia are held in Melbourne including the Australian Open (tennis), Melbourne Grand Prix, Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, AFL Grand Final, Melbourne Cup (horse racing) and the Boxing Day Test (cricket).

So come on, don your team colours and get amongst the action!

5. Culture

Melbourne’s a city with a vibrant culture. It’s a melting pot of creative expression that manifests in its arts, food, design, fashion and events give it the nickname of Australia’s “cultural capital”.

It’s not uncommon to find indy gigs, pop-up art shows, and up-and-coming artists and designers being celebrated in Melbourne.

Melbourne is the home of the Australian Ballet, which run regular performances throughout the year; the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and you can’t miss the cities famous laneways, many covered in street art.

6. Family Friendly

Melbourne is a very family-friendly city. Kids are welcome everywhere, and most cafes and casual restaurants cater to kids. There are also plenty of activities to do in and around the city for all interest types.

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7. Incredible Accommodation

After you spend all day eating, you’ll need a great place to crash. Thankfully, Melbourne delivers on this. There are dozens of fabulous places to stay in Melbourne for all budgets from 5-star resorts to budget hotels and hostels, you’ll find something suitable.

I mean, how many other cities gives you the change to say you slept in a chrome airstream on top of a car park in the city centre complete with a jacuzzi?!

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8. Easy to get around

It’s easy to get around Melbourne with a great system of trains, trams and buses.

Find out how to get around and plan your journey here.

9. It’s Possible to do Melbourne on a Budget

While I wouldn’t say Melbourne is the cheapest destination in the world, I would say if you know where to go you can get great value. You get a great standard of accommodation, transport, food, attractions, etc for a very affordable price.

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10. It’s a Laid Back and Easy City!

Everything listed above is why Melbourne is so attractive to me and it adds up to a very easy and enjoyable destination.

Whether you are travelling solo or with family; want to get active or prefer to eat your way around town, you can really customise your trip to Melbourne to suit what you love. And for that, I think it’s pretty great!

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